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Lotta von Bulow Ceramics

Lotta von Bulow lives and works between London and Stockholm.With a signature aesthetic of classic, understated design, Lotta works predominantly with porcelain or a porcelain/stoneware clay mix to create collections of vessels. 


She works with a limited colour palette  of soft muted tones, which, when coupled with the unglazed exterior, results in pieces which are understated yet captivating. Her porcelain pieces are often hand polished at the end of her process to soften the surface. The mix clay pieces in contrast, are given a rougher, textured surface for an unpolished look. It is suggested that the one-of-a-kind pieces are displayed in groups of three or more to obtain the engaging visuals intended by the designer. 
Inspired by both architectural angles and natural shapes and textures, Lotta’s designs are brought to life in sketches, before being wheel-thrown, glazed, and high-fired in London, or her Stockholm archipelago studio.

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